Welcome to GMG

We aim to lead through excellence in all health services.

Our policy is to see all sick children on the day requested.

We are an Agpal accredited practice


Our People

  • Dr. Jeffrey Swift PsychiatristDr. Jeffrey Swift

  • Eva Goes Specialist CounsellorEva Goes

  • Glenn Chuck Child PsychologistGlenn Chuck

  • Helen Pynta Social WorkerHelen Pynta

  • Kristy Ward PsychologistKristy Ward

  • Matt Taylor PsychologistMatt Taylor

  • Riverina Acupuncture Clinic AcupunctureRiverina Acupuncture Clinic

  • Lisa Deppler DietitianLisa Deppler

  • Marita Pille Diabetic EducatorMarita Pille

  • Dr. Graeme Davey Practice PrincipalDr. Graeme Davey

  • Dr. Adrian Kay Practice PrincipalDr. Adrian Kay

  • Dr. Victor Karaffa Practice PrincipalDr. Victor Karaffa

  • Dr Bai Xiao RegistrarDr Bai Xiao

  • Dr Brintta Thavakumaran General PractitionerDr Brintta Thavakumaran

  • Dr Christian Fandrich General PractitionerDr Christian Fandrich

  • Dr Ferencz "Joszef" Baranyay RegistrarDr Ferencz "Joszef" Baranyay

  • Dr Libby Garoni General PractitionerDr Libby Garoni

  • Dr Nikita Xiao RegistrarDr Nikita Xiao

  • Dr Peter Love General PractitionerDr Peter Love

  • Dr Rosie Saxton General PractitionerDr Rosie Saxton

  • Dr Rummana Siddiqui RegistrarDr Rummana Siddiqui

  • Dr Shnedha Nagpal RegistrarDr Shnedha Nagpal

  • Dr. Karthik Achary General PractitionerDr. Karthik Achary

  • Dr. Patrick Farrell General PractitionerDr. Patrick Farrell

  • Dr. Ian Cook General PractitionerDr. Ian Cook

  • Dr Paul Evans General PractitionerDr Paul Evans

  • Dr Michael Thomas General Practitioner/ GP ObstetricianDr Michael Thomas

  • Dr Michael Giltrap General PractitionerDr Michael Giltrap

  • Dr Rebecca McGowan General PractitionerDr Rebecca McGowan

  • Dr James Chenoweth General PractitionerDr James Chenoweth

  • Dr Natasha McLellean General PractitionerDr Natasha McLellean

  • Dr Stephen Zhao General PractitionerDr Stephen Zhao

  • Dr Sajee Fernando General PractitionerDr Sajee Fernando

  • Dr Mohammed Quazi General PractitionerDr Mohammed Quazi

  • Dr Christopher Johnson General PractitionerDr Christopher Johnson

  • Dr Woo Tan General PractitionerDr Woo Tan

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