Transfer of Medical Records

Transfer of medical records from this Practice can occur in the following instances:

• for medico-legal reasons e.g. record is subpoenaed to court.
• when a patient asks for their medical record to be transferred to another Practice, due to moving residence   or for other reasons.
• where an individual medical record report is requested from another source.

Our practice team can describe the procedures for timely, authorised and secure transfer of patient health information to other providers and in relation to valid requests.

In accordance with state and federal privacy regulations, a request to transfer medical records must be signed by the patient giving us authority to transfer their records.

The request form should contain:
• the name of the receiving practitioner or practice.
• the name, address (both current and former if applicable) and date of birth the patient whose record is required.
• the reason for the request.

There is a fee for the transfer of medical records our Practice will send out a invoice to the patient prior to sending the medical records and once the fee has been paid we process the request as soon as possible.

Any charges do not exceed the prescribed maximum fee.

Form to request transfer of medical records to Gardens Medical Group:


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