OccMedi @ The Gardens

OccMedi @ The Gardens highly trained, professional staff will help you keep your workplace safe and free from injury. OccMedi @ The Gardens provides you with the most up-to-date advice and the highest standards of occupational health care.

OccMedi @ The Gardens has the expertise, personal care and preventative strategies to ensure your business minimises workplace risks and avoids distressing outcomes. Remember, every injury is one too many.

OccMedi @ The Gardens can help you:
Reduce absenteeism and boost productivity
Minimise WorkCover and WorkSafe claims
Provide complete and immediate care for injured workers
Reduce workplace risks through on-site assessments
Educate and train your employees on how to stay safe
Advise and encourage employees on how to improve their health

OccMedi@The Gardens Team of Doctors:

Dr-Michele-Quigley-1.jpg     Alan-Dyason.jpg     dr-Woo-Tan-1.jpg     MICHAEL-SEYMOUR.jpg

Dr Michele Quigley                 Dr Alan Dyason                Dr Woo Tan                  Dr Michael Seymour

For appointments please phone 6058 6175 or email occmedi@thegardensmedical.com.au

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